Tuesday, December 2, 2014

4 Tips for Stress-Free Transfer

Planning your transfer doesn't have to be a headache.  Follow these four tips for better planning and worry-free transfer!

1.  Meet with your advisor early and often.

Academic advisors at the community college and university are your key to a smooth transfer.  Plan to meet with your advisor regularly to ensure you are on track to meet degree requirements.

2.  Pay attention to deadlines.

Keep in mind the various deadlines for financial aid applications, university admission, community college graduation, etc.  Find these important dates and mark them on your calendar.

3.  Make decisions early.

Save time by deciding on (and sticking with) a plan of study early on in your college career.  Choosing your community college and university majors as soon as possible will help you avoid taking unnecessary courses.  You can also save time by deciding on your transfer university early and taking advantage of transfer pathways.  Unsure about what to study? Your community college advisor can help you with career advisement to align your studies with career fields that interest you.

4.  Choose courses wisely.

In addition to using the Course Equivalency Guide on AZTransfer.com to make sure your community college courses are transferable to the university, here are a few other points to consider before enrolling:

  • Find out what the prerequisites are for university courses and work them in to your associate’s degree plan.
  • Start and finish lower-division math and science courses early on in your community college career.
  • Learn about the bachelor’s degree you plan to earn and ensure your transfer coursework will fulfill the requirements of that degree.



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